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"Dovga" and "Synyak" mountains. Free hiking in the mountains. Hiking.


"Dovga" and "Synyak" mountains. Free hiking in the mountains. Hiking.


Dear guests Shelter Apart Hotel & SPA

We have great news!

From June 1, tourist trips, which are included in the price of accommodation, will start.

This is a great opportunity to see the real Carpathians, be inspired by the incredible beauty of Ukraine and test your endurance.


The top of Mount Sinyak. Polonaise Tomnatyk.

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Get ready for an exciting trip to the top of Mount Sinyak, which offers unforgettable experiences and the spirit of adventure. This hike will reveal the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and allow you to feel part of nature.

This hike to Mount Sinyak will not only conquer your physical limits, but also enrich your soul with unforgettable moments. You will be able to find peace and harmony among nature, breathe fresh mountain air and feel like a single part of the big world.

Level: average.

Length: 12.5 km.

Set height: 576 m.

Duration: 6 hours.

Start: 09:30.

Days of the week: Saturday Sunday.

Route: Apart Hotel Shelter - Polonya Tomnatyk - Sinyak - Apart Hotel Shelter

A panoramic view of the Eastern Gorgan and the 5 highest peaks of this ridge opens from the top of Sinyak: Khomyak, Maly Gorgan, Dovbushanets, Dovbushanka and Vedmezhik.

A hike to Mount Sinyak is an unforgettable adventure that will inspire you to new heights and leave unforgettable impressions. Discover the magic of the Carpathians and book your adventure to Sinyak Mountain today.


Gora Dovga. Polonyna Dovga.

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Every moment of the hike will be filled with the amazing beauty of nature. Opening before you picturesque panoramas, the green mountains will still be covered with snow and first flowers until mid-June, and the wind will gently sway the tall pines. You will be able to breathe the mountain air and enjoy the peace and quiet that only nature can give.

Level: Lighter than average

Length: 11.5 km.

Set height: 620 m.

Duration: 5 hours.

Start: 09:30.

Days of the week: Tuesday Thursday.

Route: Apart Hotel Shelter - Dovga (1371) - Polonyna Dovga - Apart Hotel Shelter

From the top of Mount Dovga, a panorama of Bratkivskyi, Svydovetskyi and Chornohirsky ridges opens. Nearby was the polony of the same name, where you can see Hutsul traditions, because sheep are grazed here and Hutsul cheese is made. You can also always see cows grazing.

After completing the hike, you will return to your everyday life, but your heart will remain filled with unforgettable impressions. A hike to Dovga Mountain is an adventure that will emphasize your courage and will to discover.


For a comfortable ascent, we recommend having the following things with you:

  • Comfortable closed shoes;
  • Light jacket (sports jacket);
  • Comfortable clothes;
  • Headwear (cap, panama);
  • Raincoat;
  • Sun protection products;
  • Charged phone;
  • Good mood.

A lunch box (light snack) for conquerors of peaks is provided by the hotel.

*Hiking takes place in favorable weather.

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