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Hotel in the Carpathians


Hotel in the Carpathians


Hotel in the Carpathians

Today in the Carpathians a large number of hotels for every taste and budget! A tourist with any budget can afford a vacation in the Carpathians. In 2021, Ukraine granted visa-free travel to citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman.
At the moment, the citizens of Saudi Arabia went en masse to Bukovel, and discover the fabulous beauty of our mountains! Surprisingly, when asked what you like best, they answer RAIN. So rain for them is a miracle. How strange it sounds to you and me !.
But also in connection with Covid-19 and the closure of borders in 2020, a large number of tourists from Ukraine came to rest for the winter holidays in (Carpathians).


Shelter in the Carpathians

Shelter is not just a hotel in the Carpathians, it is a hotel located in the heart of Bukovel. It has a modern kitchen in every room, and you don’t have to wait for breakfast at the hotel or look for a restaurant that opens early. Resting at the hotel Shelter you are completely free. We are often faced with, such as breakfast from 07.00 to 10.00 conditionally, but you want to leave earlier and take a walk while few people. To do this, Shelter has made in each room a modern kitchen, where you can cook or heat your breakfast, lunch.

What to do in the Carpathians

Regardless of the season, the Carpathians offer you an unlimited number of seats. In summer it is a wonderful time when you can spend a day in the mountains, ride horses, visit parks and reserves. For yoga lovers, you can immerse yourself in meditation with nature, being near the trees for a hundred years! Traveling through the Carpathians, you can see the waterfalls, climb to the top of Mount Hamster. Or just relax from the noisy city.

After a busy day returning to the hotel you need to regain strength for a new day and conquer new heights!
Our hotel Shelter works for you SPA with Jacuzzi, Free! Swimming pool with beautiful mountain views.