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Accommodation discount for combatants


Accommodation discount for combatants


Our Ukraine is a country of brave and wonderful people. The task of each of us is to continue, work, fight on our fronts and strengthen our army. And our Shelter apart-hotel does not stand aside, we continue to raise the country's economy, provide jobs and pay taxes.

Rest and reset is one of the components of mental health recovery. All of us need it now, especially our defenders. That is why we provide discounts on accommodation for participants in hostilities.

More and more doctors, psychologists, and psychotherapists believe that depression, stress, and anxiety can be treated precisely through communication with nature. And although it is difficult to abstract from difficult emotions and news, now our psyche simply needs rest. The best means for this is our Ukrainian Carpathians. Majestic mountains and virgin forests help to relax, relieve stress, improve well-being and invigorate. Wander through the autumn forest or climb the mountain, admire the views from the observation deck, listen to the rustle of fallen leaves, inhale the special scents of autumn... And even if your walk is very short - about 20-30 minutes - you will definitely feel calm emotions, thoughts are clarified, mental and physical strength is restored.

Having received an incredible pleasure from a walk in the Ukrainian Carpathians, you should have a good sleep and relax in our modern hotel, which is located in the center of the resort Bukovel. Cozy and spacious apartments are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The rooms have hotel cosmetics and textiles, as well as a full kitchen with the necessary utensils and appliances for cooking your favorite dishes and drinks at any time. Ideal for a weekend or a long holiday. A couple of steps away are all the entertainment, shops, cafes and restaurants, attractions, the lake of "Youth", a playground and an observation lift that rises to the mountain "Bukovel".

The final relaxation will come to you after visiting our SPA complex, which includes the cost of living. During a visit to the sauna, skin pores open, blood circulation is activated, and muscle pain is soothed. Swimming in the pool will give you a boost of vitality, comfortable water of 28°С will relieve pain, and smooth movements will create a massage effect. Finally, the bubbles of the hydromassage jacuzzi will relieve tension, because the water temperature here is 37°C.

Maintaining health and not feeling exhausted due to constant stress is very difficult. And we need to be strong. Therefore, no matter how hard it is, you must learn to save your body's reserves and restore it by resting. Nature heals the soul and body.

We invite you to rest in the heart of the Carpathians in the Shelter apart-hotel. take advantage of a discount on accommodation for combatants.

We thank our heroes. Glory to Ukraine!

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