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New routes of Bukovel, the main lift 2R.


New routes of Bukovel, the main lift 2R.


New routes of Bukovel, the main lift 2R.

Arriving for the first time in the ski resort of Bukovel, it is very easy to get lost in search of a good trail. Our Shelter Apart Hotel & Spa is located a few steps from the main lower lifts 2R and 7.
У цій статті ми ознайомимо Вас з витягом №2R та новими трасами, які розташовані в цій стороні.

One of the first extracts that began its work from the very beginning of the Bukovel Group. Four-seater lift with a capacity of 2400 people per hour. Located directly in the center of the resort, which is very attractive to skiers. It is convenient to start the route from it. In just a few minutes, the ski lift will take you to Bukovel Mountain to the blue and red trails.

New route blue trails for beginners.

In 2021, new blue tracks 3A and 3D were opened, a new six-seater lift 3 leads to them, convenient and comfortable, there are no queues for the lift. And so, an interesting route for beginners begins at the Shelter Hotel, from the lower station of the 2R lift - ascent to the 2C route - exit to the 3A route - lift 3 - route 1C - exit to the 3D route - lift 3 - route 2C - back to the Shelter Hotel.

The start starts with the 2R ski lift, near the Shelter Hotel. After climbing up, turn right to routes 2C and 3A, they start from one segment. Do not miss the exit on your route following the signs. Route 3A is new, very wide, it offers beautiful views of the pines, there are few people, quiet and peaceful. The flat, wide slope is replaced by several sharp turns, which makes it interesting. The route is easy with beautiful views of the pines and is perfect for beginners. Going down to the ski lift 3, go up and change the route to the 1C route, do not forget to follow the signs and the exit to the 3D route. The 3D track is wide with a gentle slope, it is very convenient for beginners to ride, beautiful scenery and few people. Routes 3A and 3D in the resort of Bukovel are recommended for beginners and those who are just learning to ski.
After climbing the lift 3, following the signs, we go to the blue route 2C, which takes us back to the lower station of the 2R lift and to the Shelter Hotel.

The 2R lift was one of the first to open, and most routes start here. If you look at the map of Bukovel trails, you will see that you can go around all the trails of the complex and return to it or to the 7 lifts, which is also located near the hotel Shelter. A good location is the main criterion when choosing a hotel in a ski resort.

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