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Bukovel. Restaurants in the center of the resort, where you can eat delicious food


Bukovel. Restaurants in the center of the resort, where you can eat delicious food


Bukovel. Restaurants in the center of the resort, where you can eat delicious food

There are many different restaurants in Bukovel. Ordinary cafes where you can have a quick snack while skiing, bars with panoramic mountain views and restaurants with unique dishes that can be tasted only here. In this article we offer the most popular places to eat in Bukovel.

We would like to note that all cafes and restaurants are within walking distance of ours Apart Hotel Shelter. The address and how to get there can be found at the hotel reception.

 1. Panoramic bars.

Enjoy beautiful views of the Carpathian Mountains, you can from three mountains - Bukovel, Babyn Pogar, Dovga. This is where the bars are located “Panorama Bar” і “Panorama Lounge”. As they are located on the tops of the mountains, this opens up truly cool landscapes at any time of year. Here you can order hot, cold and strong drinks. A small selection of sandwiches and desserts is available for a snack. Prices are twice as high as in a regular cafe. Espresso or Americano will cost UAH 80, latte UAH 110, tea UAH 70, cold drinks from UAH 80.  Wine from UAH 965 per bottle (large selection), sandwiches and desserts from UAH 140. We recommend everyone to visit the panoramic bar for those looking for beautiful scenery and comfortable solitude with nature.

How to get:

Lift № 12 - “Panorama Bar 12”.

Lift № 14,15,22 - “Panorama Bar 15”.

Lift 2, 2R- “Panorama M Lounge”.

10 meters from the Sheltet Apart Hotel is the lower station of the observation deck 2. It will take you for 150 UAH (in both directions), up directly to the bar.  A small life hack: visit the panorama in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. At different times of the day there is a special magic of nature, unlike the previous ones.

2. Restaurants in the center of the resort of Bukovel.

“Veranda Lounge zone” - a great place to relax, where you can eat delicious in the format of lounge food (food that is eaten by hand).  Various dishes from all over the world are served - kushiyaki, rolls, goji already sound unusual for traditional Carpathian cuisine. It will be a pleasant surprise to have a large selection of hookahs, author's and classic cocktails. Prices are not budget, but there are delicious food, great atmosphere and the best service. In the evening there are incendiary dances to the music of famous DJs.

Italian cuisine restaurant “Felicita” Great place for dinner with family and close friends. Everyone's favorite pizza, spaghetti, risotto, seafood, meat and salads. Prices are reasonable, as for the resort, one pizza and beer for two will cost an average of 500 UAH. On weekends and in the winter season, we advise you to book a table in advance, as this is a popular place among tourists.

Restaurant “KOLYBA” - authentic Ukrainian cuisine. Delicious Ukrainian dishes are prepared at home. Wine connoisseurs will be pleased with the variety of wine list.  Pleasant and cozy atmosphere, excellent service. Beautiful view of the Carpathian forest. Prices are twice as high as regular restaurants in this category.

— “Salo” - Ukrainian meat restaurant, which serves 5 varieties of lard, game dishes (venison, roe deer, wild boar) with berry sauces and local products. Connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages are invited to visit the Vodka room, where you can try as many as 32 types of vodka. Desserts here are special and are prepared according to the recipe of the famous Ukrainian confectioner Igor Zarytsky. Prices are high, but also special dishes. So for the first dishes - pheasant borsch, Transcarpathian bograch, quail broth from the house. noodles, for mushroom soup with duck and wild mushrooms will have to pay 325 UAH, grilled trout 325 UAH, salads 245/425/520 UAH.

- "Mushroom House" restaurant with Carpathian-Hutsul cuisine. Unique design of the building in the form of a mushroom and interesting serving of dishes. This is where the famous Ukrainian borsch in bread is served, its price is UAH 187. In general, prices are twice the average, as in any resort. Large selection of dishes on the menu, including unusual (wild duck, lamb knuckle, roe deer pate). It is worth visiting for those who want to visit an authentic Ukrainian place.

- Pizzeria "Don Japan" a chain of Italian and Japanese restaurants. Large selection of pizza and sushi. Great place to eat every day. Reasonable prices, delicious food.  It is located at the entrance to Bukovel, but it is worth noting that "Don Japan" has free delivery at the resort.  Delicious hot pizzas and fresh sushi are delivered directly to the Shelter Hotel and are convenient.

3. Fast food cafe in the center of Bukovel.

— Cafe “Bugi.L”. Here you can eat quickly, deliciously and inexpensively. Ordinary food - pasta, puree, soup, borscht, olivier, vinaigrette, pizza and more. Ready meals are served at a buffet with prices and are served to guests on a self-service tray. In independent Google reviews, guests note a wide selection of dishes, fast service. Some note that the prices are too high for fast food cafes, the food is not tasty and cold. For the salad "Capital", chicken broth, chicken cutlet with baked potatoes and honey cake will have to pay 455 UAH, carbonated drinks sprite, Pepsi 0.5 ml - 80 UAH, tea 55 UAH.

- Cafe "Vulyk" as well as Bugil, offers homemade food. Swedish-style self-service delivery. In independent Google reviews, guests negatively noted the inflated prices, tasteless food, miniature portions. On the positive side - fast service, friendly staff, delicious liqueurs.

We told you about the most popular establishments in the resort of Bukovel. They are all centrally located near the Shelter Aparthotel. The information is presented for reference based on personal experience and feedback from tourists who have already visited these institutions. All prices are for the winter season 2021-2022.