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Holidays in Bukovel in spring


Holidays in Bukovel in spring


Holidays in Bukovel in spring

Spring in Bukovel, like other seasons, is special and beautiful. This period is called the velvet season, and it is perfect for relaxation. Few people know that in the spring in Bukovel there is something to do, in addition to the usual skiing, we will talk about other leisure activities in the spring in Bukovel.

Ski vacation in the spring.

If for some reason you did not have time to ride in the winter, fill it in the spring. The ski season in Bukovel lasts until mid-May, while flowers begin to bloom everywhere, on the slopes in the mountains still lies a thick blanket of snow, skiing during this period is very comfortable, the weather is sunny, cool, the surrounding mountains are closed from hot wind. And at least there are not enough skiers on the slopes, and most of the slopes are working, to support their work in addition to using snow cannons. From active snow entertainments there are tubing, skating, sledding. Snowboarding competitions are also held in the spring.


Rafting in Bukovel.

What every tourist on vacation in the spring is emotions, and extreme rafting on a mountain river will definitely give you these bright moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. The rafting season starts in mid-April and lasts until autumn. Rafting is amazing and varied, Ukraine has long researched and prepared well-prepared routes, both difficult, where you can tickle the nerves, and easy routes of rafting on mountain rivers for beginners. You will get incredible emotions from passing on the rafts of the rapids of the mountain rivers Prut, Black Cheremosh in special sports equipment. Enjoy the views of the picturesque shores and slopes of the mountains, wildlife, as well as meet new people and have dinner by the fire. The Shelter Aparthotel will help you arrange a tour by contacting the hotel reception.

Spring hiking in the mountains.

The main reason for hiking in the Carpathian ridge is, of course, its unique nature and relative ease of routes. We recommend that you take such a tour in the spring in Bukovel. May routes are especially popular, during this period it is possible to see two periods at the same time - summer and winter, combined in the spring, in addition, many can take a day off from work. In the foothills, the air temperature is already warm and plants are blooming, and on the tops of the mountains you can still find snow-covered areas among the green nature. The 200 km long Carpathians are spread over the territory of 6 countries, and most of them are located in Ukraine, the nature here is unique and spectacular. It is best to take tours for 6 days, so you will immerse yourself in the world of wild, pristine nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians, but there are short routes for three or one day. The easiest and fastest route - climbing Mount Hamster can take a total of 5 to 10 hours, depending on the route you choose and your human resources.


Spring vacation in Bukovel is amazing and varied. Horseback riding, sightseeing tours, bicycle rides, visits to ancient temples, spas and wellness, baths and saunas, acquaintance with cuisine and culture, all this awaits tourists on a spring vacation in Bukovel.