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What to do in the summer in Bukovel


What to do in the summer in Bukovel


Many people know Bukovel as a winter ski resort. In winter, guests come here to relax, go skiing and snowboarding, enjoy the winter fairy tale of majestic mountains and spruces. But few people know that Bukovel is beautiful at any time of year, including summer, here you can relax with family or actively get away with friends, each guest will find entertainment to their liking. Tourist resort Bukovel offers all guests a lot of entertainment, active and passive, tours and hikes in the mountains, horseback riding and more. So, what summer entertainment is there in Bukovel? Read the article further and choose your holiday in Bukovel.

Active entertainment in Bukovel

Get a lot of positive emotions, "tickle your nerves" and experience the real extreme - this is why tourists come to the Carpathians, because there are a variety of extreme sports and attractions. The resort of Bukovel has the following active summer entertainment:

* Mountain karting.
If you love speed, bright emotions and strive for new sensations, and the word "safety" means to you, be sure to visit mountain karting "Mountaincart" - this is a new entertainment for the first time in Ukraine appeared in Bukovel, absolutely safe tricycle with a reliable braking system for adults and children from 12 years. Descent length of 2 km and a height difference of 225 m, the path itself takes 10 minutes from start to finish.
* Bicycle park.
Bukovel welcomes fans of down-hill and those who just love to ride with the wind on the slope, and offers unique, specially prepared trails with a total length of 6 km, for beginners and experienced cyclists, everyone will be able to experience long climbs and difficult obstacles for family cycling. -walks provided routes with insanely beautiful views of the Carpathian mountains and forests, fresh air and optimal climate in summer, will make your stay in Bukovel comfortable.
* Extreme park.
Suspended obstacles, swings, stairs, rope tarzanki and wooden bridges await agile and fast visitors in the best rope park in Ukraine in Bukovel. Here you can demonstrate and learn more about your abilities, as well as feel like a real climber. All structures are fixed at a height of 1.5 to 6 meters.
* Karting center "Thirst for speed".
In Bukovel you can not only ski and snowboard, but also experience a real drive in the karting center "Thirst for Speed", and feel like a pilot of "Formula 1". The average width of the route is 6 meters, length is about 500 meters, 10 cards are rented, 9 hp, electronic timing.
* Quadrature.
Feel all the extremes of the mountains on your own, perhaps only behind the wheel of an ATV, you will find steep routes and unforgettable emotions from the serpentine mountain roads and steep climbs. You can book a route at Lake Molodosti.
* Bukovel slides.
Zipline is suspended on ropes between trees, a completely new type of extreme slides in Ukraine. Stunning descents and steep turns can be felt only in the resort of Bukovel. The total length of the Roller coaster zipline is over 500 m, at a height of up to 15 m, located near the upper stations of lifts 2 and 2R, the lower stations of these lifts are within walking distance of Shelter Aparthotel, guests of our hotel can easily reach Mount Bukovel and attractions.
* Rodelban "Fun speed".
A completely new type of active recreation in Bukovel is a year-round toboggan run located in Ukraine for the first time in 2020. Turns, sharp turns and jumps give special sharpness of sensations in this attraction, and the most important thing you can regulate speed of the sledges which are rushing down a slope. The beginning of the attraction at the upper lift station №2.
* Trolleys.
The fastest trolley on a roller on a steep descent in Ukraine.
Fly from the top of Mount Bukovel to the center of the resort of Bukovel - this is a real aerial adventure. The length of the trolley is 1130 meters with a height difference of 190 meters, the truth is breathtaking!
* Bike Zip.

Ride a bike in the air? Light! With a super cool bike zip ride, the rope is at a height of up to 30 meters and runs over the Lake of Youth, just imagine these incredible scenery, water underfoot and a bike in the sky! The only one in Europe and the longest in the world, with a total length of 560 m.

Quiet entertainment in Bukovel

For connoisseurs of a quiet holiday, there is also a lot of interesting entertainment, get closer to nature, feel the mountain atmosphere, breathe fresh air, and have fun in the immediate vicinity of the Shelter Aparthotel.
* Horseback riding.
Nothing is more soothing than walking on beautiful mountain routes on horseback. From time immemorial, horses have been important animals for riding and transporting goods, this is a special breed of horses that is adapted to the mountains, they are also called "Hutsulik".
* Inspection lifts.
In summer, be sure to visit the top of Mount Bukovel, which can be reached by sightseeing №2, works constantly and sightseeing №2R. From here there are views of the neighboring mountains and the whole resort of Bukovel in the palm of your hand, here at the top there is a panoramic cafe, where you can have a great time sipping your favorite drink.
* Tubing.
Tubing is a fun and positive attraction with a descent length of 65 m with a special coating that slides on a snowy slope in summer. Going down the slide on the tubing is very exciting for both adults and children from 3 years old, training and special skills are not required.
* Rollerdrome.
Roller track is a good place to relax with family and friends, no matter how old you are and whether you have experience, everyone can learn to skate, for this there is an experienced instructor on the rollerdrome, he will teach you to stand confidently on roller skates. Have fun and a sea of positive emotions on vacation in Bukovel.

Absolutely all entertainment in Bukovel is available to all guests and travelers. But there is a special place in Bukovel, where you can spend an unforgettable vacation in summer, people often come here on weekends and holidays, you can feel the adrenaline and just relax - this is the lake of Youth, an artificial lake so unique and interesting that every year tourists come here bright impressions and emotions, swimming in the mountains is a real pleasure! Here you can feel the incredible adrenaline and release of emotions on water attractions - wakeboards, jet skis, catamarans, water skiing and others, as well as relax by the lake on a deck chair, swim in crystal clear water and breathe fresh mountain air. The water temperature in Lake Molodosti in summer is 20-23 ° C, there are cafes and shops nearby, the beach is equipped with locker rooms, sunbeds, umbrellas, children's pool, medical center and more. Admission is paid. Lake Molodosti is a short walk from the aparthotel Shelter, our guests can easily walk to the lake.