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Ethno-park “Hutsul Land”, what to see.


Ethno-park “Hutsul Land”, what to see.


Ethno-park “Hutsul Land”, what to see.

Ethno-park "Hutsul Land", one of the most visited places in the resort Bukovel. Here, in one place, various areas for recreation and entertainment have gathered that will appeal to adults and children. All information about the location, how to get to the complex, can be at the reception of the apart-hotel Shelter.

One of the main sites is Scan Sen - an open-air ethnographic complex, where stories and life about the life of the Hutsuls, Boiks, Lemkos are collected. Unique houses, hundred-year-old wooden huts have been restored with the accuracy of those times; you can not only enter them, but also try and touch various items of the highlanders of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Some exhibits are over 100 years old. So, for example, in the weaver's hut, try to make fabric on a loom, play the cymbals, or cook wheat flour on the millstones.

Ancient architecture.

One of the oldest monuments, miraculously preserved thanks to the efforts of the last owner, Peter Bakhura, is a house from the village of Rozhanka, Lviv region, dated 1860-80. Another museum property is the Hutsul hut of rich sheep breeders from Vorokhta, dated to the XlX century. A special pride in the ethno-park “Hutsul Land” is a rectangular courtyard “gradzha”, with various structures resembling a fortress, which can only be entered through the gate.

Here you will also find the Skrynya Art Gallery with works of folk art, a Ukrainian cinema club, where world-famous films are shown every day. In this unique place you will plunge into the atmosphere of that time, feel the spirit of the Carpathian traditions, learn folk crafts and techniques that are on the verge of extinction.

How to interest a child.

Children, especially small ones, may not be interested in history in its usual form. To interest the kids, a petting zoo is located on the territory of the ethno-park Hutsul Land, where domestic, exotic, wild animals and birds live in natural conditions. The animals are very cute, kind and get along well with children, they love to eat and will be happy with carrots and cabbage, and children feed with pleasure. Little goats run freely in the park, you can stroke them, it is interesting to watch them.

Here, in the petting zoo, you will get a lot of positive emotions. Animal food can be bought right at the entrance, it includes fresh cabbage and carrots. We advise you to take a pack of food for each, and not immediately feed it to the first animals at the beginning of the park, because climbing higher there are also animals that just don’t get enough and they eat it with a special appetite.

What else is there in Hutsul-Land?

In addition to ancient architectural monuments, a petting zoo, there are many different Instagram photo zones. A giant swing with a beautiful view of the Carpathians, a hayloft, a giant chair, slides and a playground, suspension bridges, a street with lanterns, an open-air lounge area near a huge fire and much more.

To relax and have a snack in the center of the park there is a food court with street food and a popular institution - the Babin Bograch tavern. By the way, the entrance to the tavern after 18:30 is free, that is, you do not need to pay for a ticket at the entrance to the ethno-park “Hutsul Land”, open from 10:00 to 23:00. Dishes here are prepared in a real oven according to the ancient recipes of the Carpathian cuisine, which Emperor Franz Joseph himself tried during his visits to Galicia. Local products are used for cooking: trout from Lake Smerekov, Ukrainian borscht in baked cabbage, mushrooms and berries from the forest outside the window, cheese products from domestic cows and goats. You can watch the cooking process from the restaurant hall.

"Hutsul Land" is a creative space, a zone of creative workshops and educational workshops for children and adults. Location, price, schedule. Hutsul Land is located on the outskirts of Bukovel, right behind the Lake of Youth. You can get there by car, there is paid parking nearby.

Entrance fee per person: 250 UAH

Preferential entry per person (children under 12 years old, pensioners, ATO participants) 200 UAH.

Children under six years of age enter free.

Time spent in the park is unlimited.

Working hours from 10:00 to 18:30. Ethno-park "Hutsul Land" is open all year round.