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TOP 5 places worth visiting in the summer in Bukovel


TOP 5 places worth visiting in the summer in Bukovel


Summer is a great time for fun, relaxation and endless emotions. Where, if not in the mountains, you can get this bliss from rest. Bukovel is an amazing place, once there, a person feels the power of Carpathian nature, is inspired by the incredible views of forests, mountains and rivers, as well as gets a lot of impressions. And to prepare in advance for the holiday, we will show you the TOP 5 most visited places in Bukovel.

Mount Bukovel

One of the most visited and interesting places - Mount Bukovel. The mountain offers incredible landscape views of the neighboring mountains, including the highest mountain Hoverla and the outskirts of the resort of Bukovel. By the way, the resort is named after this mountain and is located at its foot. In winter, the mountain has blue and red snow slopes for experienced skiers and snowboarders. In summer you can enjoy the beauty of nature, relax and be in silence or actively spend time riding on rides, mountain karting. There is a panoramic restaurant "Panorama lounge", where you can have a snack, hot drinks, cocktails or order a sandwich. The choice of food is not great, but you can definitely have a snack if you are hungry. Leaving the lifts and walking a little straight, you will get to the observation deck, which overlooks the Hoverla, there are comfortable loungers for relaxation.
To quickly get to the top of the mountain, use the observation lift 2 (works constantly) or 2R (works if necessary). You can climb Mount Bukovel on foot, but remember that the mountain is quite steep and it can be difficult. On average, you will need 3-4 hours to visit the mountain. This time will be enough to experience all the beauty of the unique nature of the Carpathians at an altitude of 920 meters above sea level.

Lake of Youth

From the name it is already clear that all youth and entertainments are concentrated here. The largest artificial lake in Ukraine was created in the summer of 2014, its area is 6.8 hectares. There are a variety of water activities and attractions. For adults there are jet skis, SAP boards, rope jumping, bike zip. For children catamarans, slides and pools. The lake is equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas, showers, shops, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as a rescue team.
Lake Molodosti is a place for those who want to spend time actively and are suitable for fans of a quiet holiday. Here you swim in crystal clear water at a constant temperature of 23 ° C, breathe fresh mountain air, feel the extreme of entertainment. In this place is the most popular SPA complex Water Club. There is a lake near the lower station of the lift 14, from the hotel Shelter only 10 minutes on foot.

Hutsul Land Ethno Park

A unique ethno-park in the resort of Bukovel, located just behind Lake Molodosti. Here, under the open sky, there is a whole complex in which you will learn about the history and life of the mountaineers of the Ukrainian Carpathians: Hutsuls, Boyks and Lemkos. The unusual thing about this museum is the interactivity with guests, which is not the case in ordinary museums. Guests can enter a real house, which is over 200 years old and feel like a real Hutsul. For example, try to grind flour in a millstone, weave a path on a real loom, sit by the stove. You can watch the cheese being prepared in the cheese factory and even take part in a theatrical performance of a Hutsul wedding. You can have fun with the children at the contact zoo. Touch and feed pets, see how wild and exotic animals live in the wild. Cute animals always give mood and positivity, and the main thing that they are loved there, in the park carefully monitor the animals to make them feel good. And finally, before you go, be sure to take cool photos for your social networks in the original photo areas, visit the art gallery "Chest", recreation and entertainment areas, there are enough of them in the park so that every guest can really feel for themselves history of our Carpathians.

Atlas Weekend

Music, dancing, parties - what you need after a vacation in the mountains. Atlas Weekend is the best concerts of famous DJs and popular singers in Ukraine and abroad.

The first music festival in the Carpathians invites everyone to feel the live sound and get emotions from real music professionals. Bands such as ONUKA, The Hardkiss, Druha Rika, Kazka, Boombox, Kozak System and others perform here. Only here you can see your favorite idols and listen to their music for two weekends. In total, 5 large-scale concerts take place right in the heart of the Carpathians in summer. You can find all the details on the official website of Bukovel. Or call our reception at:
+38 (098) 3000446 and specify the time, date and place of the festival, as well as book a comfortable room at the Shelter Hotel to have a great holiday after a busy evening.

Bukovel Promenade Boutique
Long walking street along the river Prutets. Here are the main shops, souvenir shops and cafes, tourists can buy different clothes, ski equipment, gifts, order coffee and walk down the beautiful street at any hour. In the evening, the street is illuminated by lanterns and looks romantic.

Be sure to spend a few days or days off, and visit the tourist Bukovel in the summer. Here you can have a good time with family, friends and experience all the possibilities of the resort in the mountains. Beautiful temperate climate, excellent mountain lake, water entertainment and attractions, we guarantee that it will be interesting for both adults and children.