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Waterfalls near Bukovel


Waterfalls near Bukovel


Holidays in Bukovel are wonderful at any time of the year, travelers come here from different parts of Ukraine to enjoy the fresh air, majestic mountains and tall spruces. But near the resort of Bukovel there is another amazing natural phenomenon - it's waterfalls, the views of which can be enjoyed at any time of year, especially in spring, when the mountain snow begins to melt and the water recedes.

Tourist resort Bukovel is located near the village of Polyanytsya, in the eponymous mountain "Bukovel", near the resort there are many different tourist places and attractions, including waterfalls. If you have not yet found a hotel or are looking for hotels in Bukovel follow the link.

Zhenetsky Hook (20 km from Bukovel)
Trufanets (28 km from Bukovel)
Breakthrough (33 km from Bukovel)
Maiden's Tears (37 km from Bukovel)
Each waterfall is especially interesting and picturesque, we will tell about them in more detail.


Zhenetsky Guk Waterfall

This waterfall can be attributed to one of the most beautiful natural monuments of Ukraine, enchants not only the waterfall, but also the picturesque nature nearby. The waterfall itself is located 20 kilometers from the resort of Bukovel, its height is 15 m, it is one of the largest waterfalls in the Carpathians and is considered one of the youngest waterfalls in Ukraine, its age is less than 100 years. * The waterfall was named Hook because of the noise and hum of a powerful stream of water. "Zhenetsky Hook" is conveniently equipped with railings and bridges, there are also souvenir shops, on the way to the waterfall, along the river Zhenets, there are two springs with clear water and a gazebo with a beautiful view. Tourists love to visit this place, there are beautiful scenery and a wonderful atmosphere.

Maiden's Tears Waterfall

One-stage waterfall is located on the outskirts of Yaremche surrounded by forest nature. The waterfall consists of many thin streams of water, which seeped through the rocks formed a variety of grottoes and caves in the vicinity of the waterfall. The height of the water drop is only 2 meters, at the foot of the waterfall formed a one and a half meter bowl with very cold water, it is undesirable to swim here.
He got the name "Maiden's Tears" from a beautiful legend about a girl who, having lost her lover, sat on the river bank for so long and cried that a waterfall formed from her tears.
Maiden's Tears Waterfall is 37 km from the tourist resort of Bukovel, it is easy to reach, so tourists often visit this place. You can get there by jeep if the road is not blocked by a barrier, as well as organize horseback riding and walking tours, which can be booked at the reception of the Shelter Hotel.



28 kilometers from Bukovel is a real diamond of the Ukrainian Carpathians - Trufanets waterfall. Its height is 36 m, and it consists of more than five picturesque cascades, the waterfall is especially beautiful in the spring, when the mountain snow begins to melt, forming a powerful stream of water. The waterfall is located in the part of the river Trofanets (right tributary of the river Chorna Tysa). Before falling into the Black Tisza, the Trufanets stream covers about 3 km. in the mountains and 230 m underground, and then becomes a loud powerful waterfall, there is a feature of this water: the composition of cations here is higher than in other natural waterfalls.
At the foot of the waterfall is a gazebo with an observation deck, it is convenient and you can make beautiful Insta-photos, there is a small market with souvenir shops, the waterfall is surrounded by coniferous forest, there is a pleasant coolness in summer and beautiful views, be sure to visit the waterfall at this time of year.
The waterfall is easily accessible on the highway H-09, between the villages of Kvasy and Yasinya, two kilometers from the turn to Dragobrat. It can be seen from the road, cars usually stop there, so it is difficult to pass, but be careful, there is no parking near the waterfall, and the narrow road, and even in the turn, you can leave the car with the emergency light and walk a little up to the waterfall.

Breakthrough waterfall

Incredibly beautiful waterfall Probiy is located in the glorious Carpathian town of Yaremche, 33 km from Bukovel, to see the beauty of this waterfall you do not need to overcome a long way or climb high in the mountains, it is located near the city, it is a popular tourist destination.
The height of the waterfall is 8 meters, locals say that it was once 25 meters high, but decreased due to rafting on the river, felled forest. Probiy waterfall got its name from the fact that the water, as it were, makes its way through the boulders. A 20-meter-high bridge has been built above the waterfall, which offers a beautiful view of the waterfall and its surroundings. There is a souvenir market nearby where you can buy folk products and gifts.
Tourists love to visit this unique natural phenomenon, and of course take pictures. In the pursuit of good pictures, many people try to climb on wet stones, but do not do it, the current is very fast, and the stones are slippery, you can fall and get injured. Because of this, the waterfall has already gained a notoriety. You can take beautiful pictures along the river and on the bridge, from here come no less picturesque shots, especially in summer and spring.
The waterfalls near Bukovel are picturesque and beautiful all year round, and most importantly it is not difficult to get to them from Bukovel Shopping Center by car, tourist bus or taxi.