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Mountain trip. 3 easy routes near Bukovel.


Mountain trip. 3 easy routes near Bukovel.


Mountain trip. 3 routes on the way to Bukovel.

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The Carpathians are a wonderful place for rest and treatment, especially in summer, when the weather is warm and not hot, and nature acquires incredible beauty. Mountains, forests and rivers create pleasant conditions for tourism. At this time, they often go to the mountains. In the Carpathians and in Bukovel itself, there are many different routes for hiking in the mountains.

The most popular among them is the mountain Hoverla (2062 m), the highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians, the route is not easy, to get to the top requires endurance and determination. Pop Ivan a mysterious place with an amazing panorama, a popular tourist route has several paths, it is better to take a guide with you so as not to get lost. Petros (2020 m) the second highest mountain after Hoverl, which offers an amazing view of the Montenegrin massif.

All these routes must be prepared mentally and emotionally in advance, as they are long, 2 or more days, and difficult for physically unprepared people.

And what should those who want to see fabulous landscapes that inspire poets, but at the same time not lose a few days, do? For this, there are easy routes not far from Bukovel, mountains that can be climbed in a few hours. At the same time, you will also get extraordinary emotions and see the picturesque nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

So we offer you to explore the three easiest routes that you can climb on your own, even without a guide or guide.

*But we still advise you to take a guide with you, because he knows the area and will tell many interesting adventures and stories during the hike in the mountains.


1. Gora Khomyak

Difficulty: light

Length: 6 km

Duration: about 4 hours

Height: 1542 m

Location: Gorgan Mountains

The easiest and fastest route starts between the villages of Tatariv and Polyanytsia along the road to Bukovel. You can get there by bus or your car, there is a small pocket where you can store it. Usually, this place cannot be missed, because there are always cars of tourists. A walk along a gentle serpentine winding through the forest gradually gains height uphill. There are beautiful landscapes of coniferous forest, roots of extraordinary shapes, and there are mountain streams from which you can drink real crystal water. At the foot of the mountain is the Khomyakiv meadow, a high-altitude pasture where in the summer you can buy fresh cheese and vurda from the shepherds. Approaching the top, you will have to sweat a little, because the rocky area begins there. But then what beautiful landscapes will await you. From there, there are beautiful panoramas, ideal places for insta-photos, and also there catches the connection of any operator.

2. Mount Yagidna

Difficulty: light

Length: 15 km

Duration: about 7 hours

Height: 1216 m

Location: Lisnivsky ridge, Pokutsko-Bukovynsky Carpathians

Mount Yagidna is unique in that you can climb here at any time of the year, you can ride a bike or walk here. You can reach the beginning of the ascent up the mountain by quad bike. The route begins in the village of Mykulychyn, which is not far from Bukovel. The trail goes through the forest and has practically no sharp climbs. You can start the hike from the local village council. Move in the southern direction, along the river Prut. After you cover about three kilometers, the road will begin to climb up, and a little later it will turn into a path. Following this path, you will reach the top of Yagidna mountain. A hike to the mountain is an ideal option for an easy walk through the Carpathians, for both adults and children. The road is mostly forested and has almost no difficult steep climbs. You will see Hoverla, Petros, and the Hamster in general like in the palm of your hand.

3. Hike to Mount Sinyachka

Difficulty: light

Length: 21 km

Duration: about 8 hours

Height: 1400 m

Location: Gorgan Massif

If you are looking for the tastiest natural  berries, then this route is completely suitable for these purposes. A hike to Sinyachka is another one-day route through the Carpathians, similar to hiking to Mount Yagidna or Mount Khomyak: slight elevation gain, magnificent views from the top, and a lot of interesting things along the way. On the way there is a geological monument Piers Doru (White Stone)

Here is one of the few Carpathian places where you can see how oil is extracted. Nearby, right in the middle of the mountains, there is a tower. There is another one behind her, and several more are visible further on. Everyone works non-stop. Come, take photos, be interested in the process. Is it safe to go this route if there is so much open oil production? Yes, it's safe. The main thing is to follow the rules for handling fire in such places and no one will be harmed. Are permits required to drive this road? No, they are not needed, this is a tourist trail.

These one-day routes will introduce you to the unique untouched nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Incredible forests, high mountains, and most importantly, the ease of hiking in the mountains will bring a lot of positive emotions, and after a busy day, continue your vacation in our SPA complex, which is included in the price of accommodation. Relax, relieve muscle fatigue in the sauna, swim in the pool and have a hydromassage in the large jacuzzi, and then drink Carpathian tea or something stronger, the main thing is that you really relax in our Shelter hotel.